Katie is a native of the Chicago land area and moved to Rapid 5 years ago. She grew up in a Believing home with two older brothers and lived in a neighborhood where block parties happened in the summertime, all the neighborhood kids ran in one giant, wild herd together, and everyone talked to each other daily...a dreamy upbringing. But exposure to the public school system and growing up in general made the outside-suburban-life reality come into focus. There were Needs out in the world that should be met and as believers in Christ, WE are called to do that.

Katie started Judson University in 2000 and was introduced to the Barlow sisters who were giving a goodbye concert at the school before starting work on their 1st album. A close friend of Katie's (her now husband Kyle) worked on the concert committee and brought bands such as Grits, Third Day, Five Iron Frenzy, Switchfoot, FFH and KJ-52 to Judson. Her sophomore year she attended Festival con Dios and was happily surprised when new solo artist Toby Mac was willing to talk afterwards to her and her friends for a half hr. So I guess you can say, Katie has been "purposely" exposed to Christian music and artists for a while now.

Her passion for music is only matched by her passion for youth ministry. Luckily, she's married to a Youth Pastor! Almost 2 yrs ago, Katie came to Bethesda Christian Broadcasting to do a PSA for her church and when Jamie Knapp heard her voice and delivery she asked her for a resume. The Lord works in mysterious ways! And thus started Katie's journey with Bethesda Christian Broadcasting.

Currently, Katie is rounding the corner on 5 yrs with the Stations, her husband and 1 yr into Motherhood with the lovely and laughable Everlyse. Katie's been expanding her experience with Voice Over work throughout the country the last few years as well. I guess as long as Katie can be behind a mic, she's Home.


Like I have stated before, I grew up in a Christian home but I didn't really know about the importance of a personal relationship with Christ. I realized throughout my teen years that if I was going to be a Believer in Christ and really mean it, I would have to publicly choose it for myself. Not let it remain a note about me on the backburner, or something that I didn't strive for. When I was at my lowest point my senior yr, I went on a weekend campus visit to Judson University. During a praise & worship session, the words of the songs really got to me. They described exactly how I was feeling and what I was actually needing. I repented in the chapel that night and asked the Lord to come and envelop my life and never leave me.

A few Questions & Answers for Katie:

Q: Have a life verse?

A: 2 Cor. 12:10

Q: What do you like to read?

A: I like to read non-fiction the most. Learn from what others have gone through. (But I have to confess I absolutely LOVE Shel Silverstein's work like A Light in the Attic.)

Q: Have a favorite movie?

A: Meet Me in St Louis

Q: Really???

A: YES. I grew up on that movie, literally. I watched it every single day after Kindergarten.

Q: What is something no one would suspect about you?

A: Boy is that hard to say--since I talk about all of my disasters during the morning show! Maybe that I have a huge tomboy side to me.

Q: What is it that you love most about your job?

A: That I can express my passion for the Lord freely.

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