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I live in England near the Port of Southamption (where the Titanic sailed from!) and just wanted to say that I’ve been really encouraged to the programs on KL...


Together, we can do this!


If you could radically change someone’s life just by spending a few minutes with them, would you do it? Of course you would. Anyone whose life has been changed by God’s love wouldn’t miss an opportunity to help someone else, right?


The situation is really, we don’t always know who needs God’s love the most, or when they need it. Someone sitting right next to us in a waiting room, or working in the next office or living just down the street might need Jesus desperately and we’d never really know about it.


The same goes for those of us who do know Christ. Often we’re hurting, discouraged or even angry and we keep those feelings inside. No one knows. Maybe you know someone like that, or maybe at times, it’s even been you. KLMP is here for you to, 24 hours a day!

Lives are truly changed through the ministry of 88.3 KLMP. That change comes through the power from God and His Word as it is shared over the airwaves. KLMP is a tool in God’s hands!  It’s been reported that at any given time, up to 30% of a Christian station’s audience is made up of non-believers. That makes your station a powerful force for sharing God’s love with people all around you.


You may never know who needs to hear about Christ, and who needs to hear that special song or teaching in any given moment, but your giving to 88.3 KLMP makes it just like you are spending a few minutes with someone when they need it the most. When you write a check or give on-line, you’re empowering your station to stay on the air, and helping us reach more people with God’s message of grace and forgiveness. In addition to keeping the ministry of KLMP going for you and your family to enjoy, you’re also changing lives.


Together, WE are celebrating Gods provision for another year of ministry, and with your help we are securing the future of KLMP for generations to come. Sept 30th through October 2nd is our Annual Fall Sharathon. This is your time to share "Until the Whole World Hears."

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